About us

Federal State Budget Institution "Belgorod Interregional Veterinary Laboratory" (FSBI "Belgorod IVL"). 

The reference center of Federal veterinary and phytosanitary monitoring service of Russian Federation


Belgorod Interregional Veterinary Laboratory is the oldest veterinary institution in the region. In 2015, the laboratory celebrated its 60th anniversary.

In 2005, IVL became a part of the Federal veterinary and phytosanitary monitoring service of Russian Federationin Belgorod region, becoming its reference center.

• The laboratory conducts the laboratory research with all the modern methods aimed at diagnosing and preventing animal and bird diseases.

• A wide range of research on the safety and quality of livestock and crop products and feedstuff.

• Determination of water quality and safety indicators.

• Research on agrochemical, physical and chemical toxicological indicators of soils, mineral and organic fertilizers.

• Seed sowing (planting) quality researchand certification.

• Determination of residual amount of pesticides, radionuclides, heavy metals: mercury, arsenic, cadmium, zinc, lead, etc. in sugar beets.

• Determination of quality indicators of sugar beet during mass harvesting, consideration of disagreements between agricultural producers and sugar plants.

• Establishment of phytosanitary state of sub-quarantine products and sub-quarantine objects.

• Providing the methodological assistance and conducting systematic surveys of agricultural crops and sowings.

• Carrying out preventive disinfection of enterprises storing and processing grain products.

• Providing services in the field of certification, product declaration.

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