Department of legal support, personnel work and office work

Legal support, human resources and office management Department

Legal Support Branch:

  • Compliance with legislation in the organization's activities and protection of its legal interests.

  • Control of compliance with the requirements of the legislation of draft orders, instructions, regulations and other legal acts prepared by the IVL, participation in the preparation of these documents as necessary.
  • Representation of the interests of IVL in court, arbitration, as well as in other state and public organizations when considering legal issues, conducting judicial and arbitration cases.




  • Analysis and synthesis of the results of claims, court and arbitration cases, as well as the practice of concluding and executing business contracts, development of proposals to eliminate violations of contractual discipline in the supply of products, identify shortcomings and improve the production and economic and financial activities of IVL.
  • Preparation and conclusion of collective agreements, sectoral tariff agreements, development and implementation of measures to regulate social and labor relations in IVL, provision of legal assistance to public units of IVL, consultation of employees on legal issues

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Human Resources and Records Management Branch


  • Compliance with labor laws in IVL, protection of employer rights and rights, benefits and guarantees of IVL employees.
  • Selection and placement of personnel, maintenance of personnel records, organization and conduct of training and advanced training of personnel, certification of employees.
  • Development and implementation of IVL strategy, goals and business plans in terms of providing it with labor resources. development and implementation of a set of plans and programs for working with personnel using modern methods and technologies of personnel management.



  • Development and training of a pool of staff for leadership positions based on career planning policies, deployment of a system of continuous training of employees using the practice of assessments, rotation, retraining, advanced training and internships.
  • Personnel accounting and documentation of the work activities of IVL employees, is engaged in the study of the labor market, analysis of the movement of IVL personnel, corporate events and corporate recreation for IVL employees


Phone: +7 (4722) 34-11-15


Legal support, human resources and office management Department


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