Department of Economic Planning and Public Communications

Planning and Economic Sector


  • Collection, processing and storage of statistical, analytical, sociological and other information on the activities of IVL

  • Comprehensive analysis of IVL activities and provision of results of analysis of managers of different levels.
  • Formation and implementation of a common policy in the field of informatization.
  • Maintenance of IVL plans and reports



  • Development, approval and approval of IVL work plans.

  • Assessment of economic efficiency of labor, material and financial resources. Identify and measure internal reserves at all stages of the production process.
  • Development of optimal management solutions based on preliminary analysis, assessment of business activities and identification of trends in IVL development.
  • Organize the implementation of automated systems of information collection and processing procedures necessary to define and monitor IVL performance targets.
  • Formation and timely submission of complete and reliable information on the activities of the institution, its property status, income and expenses to the management of IVL and higher organizations


Phone: +7 (4722) 34-01-17


Customer Service Division

Department Tasks:

  • Organization and maintenance of contractual work

  • Promotion of veterinary services provided by IVL to consumers.


  • Preparation and execution of contracts for veterinary services.

  • Participation in work on pre-trial repayment of overdue receivables
  • Attracting new customers, monitoring the satisfaction of regular customers.
  • Organization of consumer feedback
  • Participation in preparation of documents for organization of participation in tenders for provision of laboratory services
  • Participation in the preparation of information for the manual for the provision of research on non-state orders for reporting periods, participation in the formation of the list of services
  • Participation in laboratory advertising campaign
  • To inform potential research customers of the field of IVL accreditation, opportunities and costs of research and other works

Standard document forms:

  • Draft contract for 2018

  • Application for food and feed research
  • Application for biological material research
  • Sample power of attorney for submission of material

Phone: +7 (4722) 34-11-15, доб 212


Public Affairs Branch


  • Public and media relations to inform legal entities and individuals about the activities of IVL



  • Collection, processing and posting on the website of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Belgorod IVL, the official website of Federal veterinary and phytosanitary monitoring service of Russian Federation and the websites of other news agencies of information about the activities of the IVL
  • Production of articles and information, reports for print media, television and radio
  • Study and analysis of printed, audio, video and other materials on the activities of IVL,
  • Organization of briefings, press conferences, video conferences for the media to promote the activities of IVL.
  • Preparation of advertising products with the symbols of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Belgorod IVL" (films, stands, booklets, calendars, leaflets)
  • Preparation of planned and urgent operational reports on public relations to the management of the IVL and to the higher organizations.
  • Preparation of a visual campaign on the activities of IVL
  • Working with advertising agencies on advertising


Phone: +7 (4722) 55-39-53


Parkhomenko Irina Ivanovna

education: Higher education

UNIVERSITY: Economist-manager

Specialty: BIEI at BelGTU named after Shukhova, 2005.

contacts: (4722) 34-01-17