Department of Pathological Autopsy and Histology

Main areas of activity:


  • pathological autopsy of animal, poultry, fish corpses in order to establish the causes of disease or death, in case of suspected infectious disease, poisoning or metabolic disorder, as well as forensic veterinary examination with the issue of autopsy report

  • histological studies on diseases of infectious and non-infectious etiology of animals, birds and fish.

Pathomorphological diagnosis includes pathologic and histologic studies. In conjunction with other studies, the aim is to establish the causes of disease or death of animals, birds and fish in case of suspected infectious diseases, poisoning or metabolic disorders.

Pathomorphological studies establish characteristic pathogens for many bacterial and viral diseases.

In the diagnosis of some diseases, pathomorphological studies can be decisive, and in dubious cases, the data of a pathological study are clarified by histological examination of the pathmaterial.

Determination of meat raw materials and finished products quality by histological microstructural analysis

This is a direct method of determining the state of raw materials and products, their true composition. The Department of Pathological Autopsy and Histology applies histological microstructural analysis in the work with meat raw materials and meat products in the following areas:

  • determination of the degree of freshness of slaughter animal meat, rabbit meat, poultry meat;

  • differentiation of meat mince and mechanical refilling meat;
  • differentiation of poultry meat and slaughter meat;
  • identification of animals and plant animals in various meat semi-products and go products;
  • control of the composition of loose additives for the meat industry.

Histological identification of meat products composition is performed for compliance with the requirements of regulatory documentation (GOST, TU, STO, etc.) and the composition specified by the manufacturer on the label.

The department is equipped with modern equipment that complies with the current international safety rules

The Department phone: +7 (4722) 34-11-15


Irina Sergeevna Nikolaenko

education: Higher education

UNIVERSITY: Belgorod State Agricultural Academy, 2001

Specialty: Veterinarian

contacts: (4722) 34-11-15