Plant Quarantine Department

Carries out laboratory examinations, ensuring quarantine and phytosanitary safety of the Belgorod region. It is the reference center for ensuring the activities of the Federal veterinary and phytosanitary monitoring service of Russian Federation in the field of plant quarantine.


The department identifies quarantine weeds, pests and plant diseases when establishing the phytosanitary state of sub-quarantine cargoes, carries out laboratory examinations of samples of sub-quarantine plant products, determining quarantine and non-quarantine organisms during phytosanitary monitoring of agricultural land, as well as during the import and export of sub-quarantine products.

Specialists of the department give advice to citizens on quarantine and plant protection. At the request of citizens, they leave for surveys of fruit trees, shrubs and ornamental plantations growing in the private sector.
The Department issues the Results of Examination and Conclusion on Quarantine Phytosanitary State of Sub-quarantine Products for obtaining quarantine and phytosanitary certificates.

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment. The use of ELISA and PCR diagnostics extends the laboratory's ability to identify phytoviruses and bacteria that harm crops.

The tasks of the department include not only laboratory (entomological, phytopathological, bacteriological, phytogelminthological, phytovirusological and herbological) examinations, but also the development of foreign methods, international standards, as well as the production of collections and visual aids from material provided for examination.

Currently, on the basis of the plant quarantine department of the Belgorod MVL Federal State University, a fumigation squad has been organized and is functioning to combat quarantine organisms, pests of stocks, as well as to carry out preventive decontamination of enterprises engaged in the processing and storage of agricultural products

The Department phone: (4722) 31-26-05

Lyubov Petrovna Skotnikova

education: Higher education

UNIVERSITY: Kursk Agricultural Institute named after I.I.Ivanov, 1984

Specialty: Scientist agronomist

contacts: (4722) 20-72-24