Seed Quality and Certification Department

The Seed Quality and Certification Department of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Belgorod IVL conducts:

  • Studies of seeds and planting material for compliance with the requirements of the regulatory and technical documentation for the sowing and planting fund;

  • Measures for varietal and seed control in order to assist individuals and legal entities in the creation of seed funds with high grade and sowing qualities;
  • In the framework of voluntary certification of seeds of agricultural plants, «SemStandard» carries out work on certification of seeds;
  • Work on seed quality research and further seed certification in accordance with the requirements of the International Seed Quality Control Association (ISTA), which make it possible to simplify the export of seeds to anywhere in the world, ensuring that there are no delays at customs.
  • Selection and research of soil samples for agrochemical and chemical toxicological indicators;
  • research of mineral and organic fertilizers for compliance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation;
  • preparation of expert opinions on test results;

The laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment of the international level. Preparation of samples for analyses and their performance are carried out by highly qualified specialists trained on the basis of Russian and European laboratories.


The Department phone: +7 (4722) 25-09-46, ad.1101 - Head of the Department; 1102 - SemStandard seed certification, Deputy Head of the Department; 1103 - Material Receipt

Gorlova Tatyana Sergeevna

education: Higher education

UNIVERSITY: Belgorod State Agricultural Academy; "Belgorod State Agricultural Academy named after V.Ya.Gorin"

Specialty: Technology of production and processing of agricultural products; Accounting, Analysis and Auditing

contacts: (4722) 34-15-83