Accounting department


  • Organization of accounting of financial and economic activities of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Belgorod IVL."
  • Control over the safety of property, the correct use of money and material assets.



  • Formation of accounting policy in accordance with the legislation on accounting, the requirements of the documents of the Quality Management System and based on the structure and peculiarities of the IVL's activities, the need to ensure its financial stability.

  • Ensuring the procedure for carrying out inventories, controlling the conduct of business operations, accounting for property, obligations and economic operations, incoming fixed assets, inventory and cash, production and circulation costs, execution of cost estimates, sales of products, performance of works (services), results of the company's economic and financial activities, as well as financial, settlement and credit operations. Provision of payroll settlements, accrual and transfer of taxes and fees to budgets, insurance contributions to state extrabudgetary social funds, payments to banking institutions, funds for financing capital investments, control of strict observance of regular, financial and cash discipline, estimates of administrative and other expenses, legality of write-offs from accounting accounts, receivables and other losses, preservation of accounting documents, their execution and delivery to the archive in accordance with the established procedure.

The Department phone: (4722) 34-11-15

Solovyova Irina Sergeevna

education: Higher education



contacts: (4722) 34-11-15