Bacteriological department

Main areas of work:

  • The Department conducts bacteriological research of:
  • the samples of pathological material for bacterial diseases of agricultural and unproductive animals, as well as for diseases of fish and bees;
  • feed, soil, water, flushes for sanitary and zoo hygienic indicators;
  • food products for microbiological indicators of safety and quality;
  • when isolating pathogens of bacterial diseases, the sensitivity of isolated cultures to antibiotics is determined
  • if necessary, the employees of the Department leave and assist veterinary specialists in making a diagnosis;

Veterinary doctors check the work of regional veterinary laboratories and laboratories of veterinary and sanitary expertise.

The Department phone: +7 (4722) 34-47-34

Жукова Ирина Николаевна

education: Higher education

UNIVERSITY: Belgorod State Agricultural Academy, 2005

Specialty: Veterinarian

contacts: (4722) 34-47-34